AutoSoft 90 t:lock Infusion Set [90⁰ soft cannula with Automatic Inserter]


MSRP: $195.00
Price if you buy 2 $192.00
Price if you buy 3 or more $190.00


The AutoSoft™ 90 infusion set is our most popular all-in-one infusion set. The 90-degree soft cannula is pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter to make one-handed insertions quick and easy, even in hard-to-reach areas. It is available in blue, pink, and grey.

  • Reversible connector makes reconnection simple and quick
  • Large grip areas on connector for easier disconnection
  • Visible inspection of the point of insertion
  • Available in Blue, Pink, and Grey
  • 10 infusion sets/box
  • t:lock connection for use with t:lock cartridge